Eastern Europe Still Disappointing in Regard to Gays

Happy Sunday everyone! I am glad to be done with a local snowstorm and 5 feet of snow, and to get back to writing. Eastern Europe and Northern Asia have long been a hostile regions toward homosexuals, even as Western Europe has become the most progressive area on earth and safest for gays, Russia and the old Soviet Bloc seem to be getting worse by the day.

Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh

This Sunday is not so happy for our childhood buddy, Winnie the Pooh, who has been banned by a town named Tuszyn in Central Poland. Locals found Pooh’s lack of pants and ambiguous gender too controversial for their children. Council members went as far as to call Pooh a hermaphrodite, and accused the author of the Winnie the Pooh series of having problems with his own gender so he neutered Pooh’s character.

Winnie the Pooh was to be the namesake of a Tuszyn playground. However, after the discussion of concerns over Pooh’s androgyny, a local bear character was chosen as a replacement. Read more at PInkNews .

Nearby, in the Russian Federation, the parents of Mathew Shepard will speak to the lcal gay community and parents of gays in Moscow.gay community. Mathew Shepard was murdered in 1998, after being tortured and left to die in Laramie Wyoming. Shepard’s killers had taken these actions to punish Shepard for being gay. Judy and Dennis Shepard, Shepard’s parents, will speak to parents of gay children and local gays in Moscow. Russia’s ban on gay propaganda that can be seen by children, will force the Shepards to speak out of public range where children could overhear. Hopefully, they will have a safe trip with no police run-ins!

Have a great Sunday everyone, and appreciate your good fortune!


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