Illinois Moves Toward Banning Gay Conversion Therapy/ Michigan Reverses Gay Marriage Approval

I will not be asking how...
I will not be asking how…

Some  good news  and common sense has come from  Illinois Human Services Committee today, as delegates passed a bill that would create a ban on the use of “gay conversion” therapies throughout the state. The bill will now advance to the legislature, where we hope it will be eventually made into law.

The committee passed the ban under a 9-6 vote in the bill’s favor. A key reason cited by proponents of the bill were the number of studies out there demonstrating how harmful these methods of “gay reparative” can be to those undergoing the treatment. Both medical and mental health professional groups have found “gay conversion” therapies to be detrimental to the mental health of LGBT individuals. It is amazing to me that there are still “therapists”, and I use the term loosely, out there claiming that these therapies work. Even more amazing are the people who have claimed it works, you can’t tell me that they do not still have same-sex attractions. Homosexual feels are not pathological, and should not be treated like alcoholism or drug addiction or some other ailment that proves dangerous to your health.

Anyway, as Illinois got a clue, Michigan lost it and has suspended last Friday’s ruling that declared Michigan’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional. The U.S. 6th Circuit of Appeals suspended the decision to knock down the ban, holding that the Supreme Court has already decided the issue in the Utah case by putting gay marriage on hold. The Supreme Court already gave each state the right to legalize or ban same-sex marriages within its jurisdiction. And the court won’t give up that right so quickly.

Sadly over 300 couples were married on Saturday, after the court initially found the ban on same-sex marriage impermissible. The reversal of the court’s decision not only invalidates those 300 marriages, but it will also preclude those couples from collecting Federal marriage-based benefits, that Michigan’s straight married couples enjoy, unless those same-sex couples have another marriage ceremony out of state.

Oh, the shade of it all!



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