Two Gay Bashings in NYC in the Last Week

Well it appears to have been a busy week for gaybashers, because there have been two attacks on New York City gay couples in the last 7 days.

Last Sunday, a gay couple was walking between 34th and 35th Streets on Eighth Avenue, near Madison Square Garden,  when they began being harassed by a group of Knicks fans. The fans yelled gay slurs at the couple, calling them “faggots” and ironically criticizing the couple for their fashion choices. One of the gay men was wearing jeans he had made himself, apparently these straight men moonlight as fashion police. Eventually the group of Knicks fans began physically beating the couple on the street. One of the victims, Nick Porto, suffered a broke nose while his boyfriend had his wrist broken.  The police have not yet located the attackers, but the video above shows Knicks fans wanted for questioning about the incident.  Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). The public can also submit on the Crime Stoppers Website or by texting their tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then enter TIP577.

The unidentified victims of a gaybashing outside of a Midtown Manhattan PATH station
The unidentified victims of a gaybashing outside of a Midtown Manhattan PATH station

Then on Friday, a gay couple was attacked outside of a Midtown Manhattan PATH station. The couple was attacked by 5 or more men including Asllan Berisha and Brian Ramirez. The couple claims they were beaten outside the 33rd St. and Ninth Avenue station because they are gay. One of the victims had to undergo eye surgery after the attack.

Be careful everyone, cities aren’t as safe for gays as we may have thought.

Sources: the Gothamist ; NY Daily News



Zambian Couple Arrested a Second Time for Sodomy

Zambia_Map(Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia) Two men were arrested by police over the weekend for allegedly engaging in homosexual behavior. The men’s bail has been revoked by the police, and the two will remain behind bars until their hearing.

This is not the first time the two gay men, James Mwape and Philp Mubiana, both aged 21 have been arrested for same-sex sexual activity in the central province of Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia. That is why police have decided to revoke the men’s bail so they must stay in prison until they are heard in court.

The two have been living together as “man and wife” according to news outlets, I am guessing in an attempt to fit Zambian cultural norms. One partner played a more “female role”. This so outraged his family that they turned the couple into police. The two were arrested and Standwell Lungu, police chief in Zambia’s central province, was quoted as saying: “The two have been charged with the offence of sodomy or having sex against the order of nature contrary to the laws of Zambia under the Zambian Penal Code Cap 87 Section 115.

Not only did the two suffer being betrayed by their families and turned over to police, but the men were then subjected to medical exams which somehow concluded that they have been committing sexual acts “against nature”.

Somebody needs to pray for these people…Instead of focusing on climbing out of increasing poverty, the nation is concerned about what two adult men do behind closed doors.

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Delaware Becomes the 11th State to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Delaware Governor Jack Markell signed same-sex marriage into law today.
Delaware Governor Jack Markell signed same-sex marriage into law today.

Great news comes from Delaware today after the state became the 11th in the U.S. to make same-sex marriage legal.

The news comes only a week after Rhode Island became the 10th state to legalize same-sex marriage.  Currently, Delaware provides civil unions to same-sex relationships providing their only means of being recognized legally as couple. On July 1, 2013, same-sex marriage will be made legal in the state providing same-sex couples with equal rights to heterosexual couples who marry within the state. Although the new measure will not provide any rights beyond what civil unions previously did within Delaware, it creates a system of marriage without differentiation whether it be by name or by rights awarded. All civil unions previously performed in Delaware will automatically be converted into marriages. Also, same-sex marriages performed in other states will be recognized by Delaware as valid.

The same-sex marriage bill passed the Delaware Senate by a slim margin, 12-9,  before being sent to the governor for approval. The bill passed in the state House two weeks ago by a vote of 23-18. It was later signed by Governor Jack Markell into law today.

Now all we need is for the Supreme Court to knock down the Defense of Marriage Act permitting same-sex married couples to receive federal rights and benefits!

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35,000 Estonians Sign Anti-Same-Sex Marriage Petition


Anti-gay citizens of Estonia have been distributing a petition to prevent Estonia’s legal recognition of same-sex marriage. The group has amassed a surprising 35,000 signatures so far.

The Foundation for the Protection of Family and Tradition, headed by Varro Vooglaid, originally released the petition in March and plans to deliver it to the Estonian Parliament on May 14 despite protests by pro-LGBT rights activists. LGBT rights activists claim the petition will only incite discrimination against the LGBT communities and possibly hate crimes.

All of this comes only a few years after Estonia’s prime minister, Andrus Ansip, said, in 2010, he could see same-sex relationships gaining equal social footing with  heterosexual married couples. Currently, the government is only legally prohibited from providing differential, or unequal, treatment  against sexual minorities in the workplace, but nowhere else.  Similar to the Defense Against Marriage Act in the United States, Estonia has strictly defined marriage as between a man and a woman.

Estonia is one of few EU member states which lacks legislation allowing civil partnerships. It, along with Bulgaria, Italy, Malta, Romania, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Greece, do not recognise registered civil partnerships from other states.

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