Russia Seeks Stronger Measures to Prevent Same-Sex Couples From Adopting

President of the Russian Federation: Vladimir Putin.

According to the Russia Times, President Vladimir Putin has requested that the Russian Supreme Court and government come up with measures to prohibit the adoption of Russian children by foreign same-sex couples as they gain rights abroad.

This order has come on the heels of France’s recent law permitting French same-sex couples to marry and adopt. Upon hearing the news, Pavel Astkhov, the children’s rights ombudsman of the Russian Federation promised that he would do everything within his power to prevent Russian children from joining same-sex led households.

Putin expects legislative drafts to be submitted by July 1, 2013. Whatever the government comes up with will be executed by the Ministry of Education and Science. The ministry oversees orphans and adoptions in the Russian Federation.

The Foreign Ministry will also get involved in substantiating the nation’s homophobic stance on same-sex couples rearing children. In February, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported that it planned to verify the possible “psychological damage” inflicted on Russian orphan Yegor Shabatalov. The boy was adopted by an American lesbian who lied about her sexuality during the adoption process.  Eventually she separated from her lesbian partner, and a child custody battle ensued.

All we can hope for is that as Russia’s economy improves the way it has been, the nation will become more progressive and even liberal.  The past months of anti-gay propaganda cases amongst other measures are depressing accomplishments for a country that legalized homosexuality in 1993 and began allowing gay men to donate blood in 2008. The more recent public outcries against homosexuality seem out of place, and I wonder why the government is so on board with homophobia. But we’ll have to figure that out another day. Dosvedanya!


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