Argentina To Allow Birth Certificates Naming Same-Sex Partners As Parents

The Argentinian flag.

(Buenos Aires) According to Towle Road, Argentina is set to allow a gay couple to list both male partners as parents on their son’s birth certificate.

The event will take place tomorrow morning when Tobias, a boy born by surrogate in India, is officially given a birth certificate by the Argentine government. The certificate will offer no distinction between the biological father and the non-biological parent.

The Congress of Argentina has also proposed changes to the Civil Code that would make same-sex parents recognizable as the exclusive parents of a child.

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Iran Waives Mandatory Military Service for Gays

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad informing a New York audience, in 2007, that homosexuality does not exist in Iran.

(Iran) The Daily Beast reports that Iran has been granting waivers to gay Iranians from military service despite the Iranian president’s ¬†previous denials that homosexuals existed in his nation.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed there were no homosexuals in Iran five years ago at a speaking engagement in New York City, but now sources reveal that Iran has been using a program for 15 years that permits homosexuals to forego mandatory military service. Iranian men are forced to join the military at age 19, and have to remain enlisted for 18 months to fulfill their duty. Other than gay men, only women are permitted by the government to avoid military duties.

These military waivers may free gay Iranians from ridicule or abuse within the military, but it fails to shield them from the social scrutiny against homosexuality in an Islamic nation. This fact has led to an increase in asylum claims brought by Iranians in the United States and Canada.

Iran has a horrible human rights record for sexual minorities. Back in May, the government sentenced 4 Iranian gays to death by hanging under Iranian Penal Code Article 108 which makes same-sex sexual penetration illegal.

To read more about the Iranian “Outing” of potential service members read the Daily Beast’s article here.

Back Again!

After a long hiatus studying for the New York and New Jersey bar exams, I am happily returning to the blogosphere! Goodbye bar review, hello life…

To remain on this happy note, here is a very positive(no pun intended) story for the community.

Yesterday, CBS news reported on the new cases of two men treated in Boston who were suffering from HIV and claim to have been cured by HIV immune bone marrow transplants.

Both patients were undergoing bone marrow transplants to fight cancer and received bone marrow donations from individuals who are immune to HIV. One of the patients has been infected with HIV since the 1980’s and is now in his fifties and shows no signs of HIV in blood tests done by researchers. The other patient is in his 20s and has suffered from HIV since he was in the womb. Both men continued their antiretroviral regimens after the transplants, and researchers say this may have assisted in their HIV infected cells being replaced with HIV immune white blood cells created from the bone marrow transplanted.

These two men’s cases are in addition to the case, I reported on back in May of last year, of Timothy Ray Brown in San Francisco. Brown is better know as the “Berlin Patient” and held a press conference in Washington D.C. this week claiming to have been cured of HIV by the same type of transplant undergone 5 years ago.

To read more check out the original article at CBS News


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