Evansville, Indiana Prohibits Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Evansville, Indiana, has added a provision to its new anti-discrimination law making it illegal to discriminate against individuals based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. The ordinance defines sexual orientation as male or female sexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, real or perceived, by orientation or practice.

The provision, added to Evansville’s non discrimination code, aims to attract a more diverse community and new businesses. The code also protects individuals who may face discrimination based on their race, color, disability, ancestry and national origin and encourages equal opportunities in education, employment, access to public conveniences and accommodations.

How nice ūüôā



Nigerian Senate Votes to Criminalize Same-Sex Marriage

Nigeria’s Senate voted today to criminalize same-sex marriage, gay advocacy groups, and same-sex public displays of affection.

The bill will not become law until passed by the nation’s House of Representatives and signed by President Goodluck Jonathan. It is pretty likely the bill will be made into law in Africa’s most populous country. Nigeria has a very religious population of Christians and Muslims who see homosexuality as a threat to their morals and future. In some areas homosexuals are even subject to death by stoning.

Same-sex sexual acts have been criminal in Nigeria since it was a colony of Britain.  Under the new legislation, not only sex would be illegal but even marriage, a social device that would have been helpful for assimilating same-sex couples into Nigerian society as well as helping enforce similar religious values upon these new and monogamous couples. Instead, under the new bill, same-sex married couples could be sentenced up to 14 years in prison, and those who aid in the marriage ceremony could face up to 10 years. Public displays of affection between same-sex couples can lead to a 10 year sentence as well.

Note to self: Don’t go to Nigeria.

Maybe Nigeria just needs a commercial like this one that recently came out of Australia to change their minds:


Source: WDBO

St. Petersburg, Russia, Passes Bill Prohibiting “Homosexual Propaganda”

Last Wednesday, the parliament of St. Petersburg, Russia, passed the first draft of a law aiming to banning public the dissemination homosexual propaganda to minors.

The proposed law specifically makes it illegal to promote homosexuality in the presence of minors. This would include school health/sex education classes, and any public advertisements presenting a same-sex couple. Fines for the act range from 3,000 rubles($100) for an individual’s violation to 50,000 rubles($1,600) for violations committed by organizations. ¬†Proponents of the bill claim that this law is necessary to protect the children of Russia, and have cited stories of pedophilia as evidence of how children are endangered by homosexuality. What pedophilia has to do with positive gay role models is beyond me, I suspect this legislation has more to do with Russia’s falling birthrate than the dangers of homosexuals.

Luckily, the bill can not become law until it passes two more rounds of voting. Hopefully, legislators will be convinced it isn’t “family values” they are protecting, it is ignorance.

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HIV Positive Man Arrested For Not Disclosing Status

HIV positive offender John Conway Hart

An HIV positive man in Raleigh, North Carolina, has been arrested after engaging in unprotected sexual acts and failing to inform his partner of his HIV status.

John Conway Hart, now in police custody in Wake County, allegedly violated North Carolina Administrative Code 10-41(10A NCAC 41A .0202) which states that an HIV infected individual must use condoms during sexual intercourse, and also inform their partner that they are in fact HIV positive. Hart could face up to 4 months in prison for the violation or even quarantine for continuing a two month long relationship with his sexual partner and repeatedly having unprotected sex.

Wake County’s Health Director, Sue Lynn Ledford, claims that arrests like these are a last resort and the county would always prefer to educate first.

I have to say, I think that this North Carolina law goes a bit too far in legislating how you use your genitalia. I believe the motive behind the statute is pure, but can we legislate sex between consenting adults? Was his partner consenting to what he actually engaged in? Protect yourself!

Watch the news story below at ABC

Trans Pageant in Manila Cemetery Leads to Arrests

Eight Manila transvestites were arrested last Monday as more than 100 gatherers celebrated an impromptu gay beauty pageant. Pageant goers indulged their fancy until security volunteers were called in to break up the fun.

The pageant included transvestites performers wearing little clothing as they danced on tombs. ¬†According to some gatherers this pageant has become a yearly tradition on “All Saints Day”.¬†Those arrested will face charges of “alarm and scandal” as well as “desecration of the dead” in the Manila Police District.

The cemetery has not only become a place for trans pageantry, but is also home to some 10,000 Filipino families who squat in the graveyard’s tombs and museums. This city of the dead, complete with schools and grocery markets, sounds like the perfect place for a new Lady Gaga video.

Source: ILGA Asia

IRS Rules in Favor of Gender Transition Deductions

Last Wednesday, the Internal Revenue Service announced  its formal agreement with a 2010 U.S. Tax Court Decision permitting tax deductions for medical care associated with gender transition.

The announcement is in acquiescence to a 2010 tax court case, O’Donnabhain v. Commissioner,¬†¬†brought on behalf of a transgender woman denied tax deductions for the cost of medical care related to her gender transition. According to the IRS, gender transition related care was not medically necessary and therefore could not be written off as a valid deduction under ¬†Section 213 of the Internal Revenue Code. Section 213 allows taxpayers to write off medical expenses not covered by their health insurance, excluding care that is not associated with improving “proper function of the body”.

Under the O’Donnabhain¬†ruling, a taxpayer was found able to write off medical costs incurred through the gender transition process. The IRS now officially agrees with that ruling and will permit taxpayers to write off these deductions beginning next year.

Source: The Advocate

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