Houston Man Denied Right to Let His Husband Watch Kids

A Houston area judge has issued an order prohibiting a gay man from leaving his children alone with his husband.

Harris County Judge Charley E. Prine, Jr. gave the decision back in June restricting William Flowers from leaving his children with any man that wasn’t related to his children through blood or adoption. This is a big issue for Flowers who married another man just last year in Connecticut. Flowers’ wife retains custody of the children, while Flowers has been given visitation during which his husband is present.

There have been  no allegations of  of abuse inflicted upon the children by either Flowers or his husband, and no similar restrictions have been placed upon the former Mrs. Flowers while caring for her children. She could leave the kids with a bum on the street and be well within her rights according to the court’s decision.

Local family law lawyers say the decision was judicial activism based on anti-gay notions and should be appealed. “Everything is bigger in Texas” including bigotry.


Source: Houston Chronicle


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