Iowa Group Used Federal Funding to Fight Same-Sex Marriage

A social conservative group has allegedly used federal grant funds that were allotted the organization to provide marriage counseling services to instead fund an anti-gay marriage campaign.

The Iowa Family Policy Center received $2.2 million dollars between 2006 and 2010 and assisted many in obtaining education and counseling. Meanwhile, 5 employees had their rent, phone, internet and other bills taken care of along with their salaries as they fought gay-marriage in Iowa. The group was set to fight gay marriage after the state’s Supreme Court ruling in 2009 legalizing same-sex marriage.

The group, now named the Family Leader, has since declined further federal grant funding and operates on donations.

Good to know that my tax dollars will no longer be supporting those opposed to my future happiness. These are the things you give up your money to the government for, a religious groups’ internet and telephone bills while they pursue “god’s will”.






Indonesian Lesbian Couple Forced to “Divorce”

In the province of Aceh, Indonesia government authorities have ordered a lesbian couple to annul their marriage and to sign papers agreeing to separate.

The couple, whose names have been withheld, were legally married by an Islamic clergyman. The two duped the cleric into believing one of them was a man, eventually neighbors became suspicious of the man’s true biological sex and reported the couple to authorities.

The police chief informed the couple that under Islamic law they should be beheaded and burned, but the province’s government will not enforce similar punishments. Instead the couple have been forced to separate and are now staying with relatives under police supervision.

Indonesia has the largest population of Muslims in the world and Aceh is the sole province with the power to implement Sharia law.  Homosexuality is legal in Indonesia but largely stigmatized by local culture, and same-sex marriages are not permitted. I am not sure why the local government didn’t just annul the marriage for its legal invalidity instead of then requiring a contract to separate. Maybe religious law can’t be undone so easily.

Beating to Death of 19-Year-Old Will Not Be Treated As Hate Crime

Marcellus Richard Andrews was beat to death on August 21st as his attackers repeatedly called him a "faggot".

Although a 19-year-old was repeatedly called “faggot” as he was beaten to death the police department of Waterloo, Iowa are saying they will not investigate the attack as a hate crime.

The police department is claiming that the parties involved all had a history together and over a year of “bad blood” between them that spurned the attack on August 21st.  The police have also failed to arrest any one in spite of two witnesses to the attack who were able to identify the assailants.

Prosecutors may have had a difficult time proving the attack was indeed a hate crime, since the burden of proof is only met when an attack is shown beyond a shadow of a doubt to be motivated by the person’s sexuality. Despite the repeated use of the word “faggot” there is no evidence that the attack was motivated by 19-year-old, Marcellus Andrews’ homosexual status.

Sad, but true.


Source: WCF Courier


Florida’s HIV Disclosure Laws Only Apply to Heterosexuals

HIV transmission laws are being questioned in Florida after two separate cases have found that failure to disclose your HIV status to sexual partners is only illegal for heterosexual couples according to Florida’s law.

One case dealt with two men from central Florida who had been sexually involved with one another for 4 years during which one partner never knew the other was in fact HIV positive. The unknowing lover claimed that he learned of his partner’s status only after they ended their relationship. The man sought criminal prosecution against his ex, but under Florida’s 20-year old law, withholding your HIV status from a sexual partner is only illegal if you have sexual intercourse with the person. Florida’s law defines sexual intercourse as strictly between a man and a woman, and no two men or two women could commit sexual acts in Florida together that would legally amount to intercourse.

A second case involved two women in a similar scenario with a similar outcome, denying that what the women did was sexual intercourse under Florida law and therefore making the failure to disclose HIV status no longer criminal and allowing individuals to escape felony charges that only heterosexuals now face.

Florida better get cracking on updating those law books, they are discriminating against their own breeders.  😦

Source: Michigan Messenger


Houston Man Denied Right to Let His Husband Watch Kids

A Houston area judge has issued an order prohibiting a gay man from leaving his children alone with his husband.

Harris County Judge Charley E. Prine, Jr. gave the decision back in June restricting William Flowers from leaving his children with any man that wasn’t related to his children through blood or adoption. This is a big issue for Flowers who married another man just last year in Connecticut. Flowers’ wife retains custody of the children, while Flowers has been given visitation during which his husband is present.

There have been  no allegations of  of abuse inflicted upon the children by either Flowers or his husband, and no similar restrictions have been placed upon the former Mrs. Flowers while caring for her children. She could leave the kids with a bum on the street and be well within her rights according to the court’s decision.

Local family law lawyers say the decision was judicial activism based on anti-gay notions and should be appealed. “Everything is bigger in Texas” including bigotry.


Source: Houston Chronicle

Catholic Charities of Illinois Deprived of State Funding For Refusing Same-Sex Adoptions

After Catholic Charities(Hereafter, “CC”)  of Illinois proclaimed it would refuse to provide foster care and adoption services to same-sex couples that had recently gained the right to civil unions, a  judge has decided that the state may deprive the “charity” of public funds.

The state of Illinois has been supplementing CC’s funding for decades despite the organizations discriminatory policy excluding same-sex couples from becoming adoptive or foster parents to children cared for by CC .  After the legislation was passed this year and put into effect last June permitting same-sex couples to obtain civil unions, CC still refused to serve these newly “married” couples contrary to the state’s policy of providing public funds to organizations who will use them to serve communities regardless of sexual orientation or other social statuses.

CC argued that it could retain this policy based on the civil union legislation’s religious exemption provision. The state argued that these exemptions were only to be used by clergy who feared being forced into performing same-sex civil unions that ran contrary to their religious beliefs.

The Sangamon County Circuit Judge, John Schmidt, agreed with the state and found that Catholic Charities was not entitled to the renewal of contracts providing funding for the organization. You would think an organization with 2,200 children in its care would be more concerned about getting them into homes and creating families than depriving them of opportunities to be happy.  Go Illinois!


Source: Huffington Post


Native American Tribe Permits Same-Sex Marriages

A Suquamish totem pole in Washington state.The Suquamish Tribe of Washington state will now permit same-sex partners within the tribe to marry after 4 years of campaigning by a 28-year-old lesbian tribe member.

Heather Purser, the lesbian tribal member, has been pushing for the laws revocation since she came out of the closet four years ago. The tribal leaders are  ” open and tolerant, and want to make sure… members are offered the opportunity to be happy and free in their lives”  according to Leonard Forsman, chairman of the Suquamish Tribe, told the Seattle Times, and to reflect these feelings will now allow same-sex marriages amongst the tribe.

Under the new Suquamish law, all same-sex married couples will retain the same rights as those of heterosexual couples within the tribe’s reservation. “The Suquamish people traditionally lived along the Kitsap Peninsula, including Bainbridge and Blake Islands, across Puget Sound from present Seattle.  Many of the present Suquamish live on the Port Madison Indian Reservation in the reservation towns of Suquamish and Indianola.”-the Suquamish Tribe website.

The Suquamish are only the second Native American tribe to legalize same-sex marriage within their community.

Source: Seattle Times

Swedish Sex- Reassignment Law Requires Sterilization of Pre-Ops

A Swedish law requiring sex-reassignment candidates be sterilized is approaching its 40th anniversary, and the country’s National Board of Health and Welfare along with the Liberal Party want the requirement to be removed.

In 1972, Sweden passed legislation that any individual undergoing a sex-change operation must be over 18 years of age, an unmarried Swedish citizen, and be sterilized according to the Swedish Code of Statuses 1972:119.  This legislation was made into law during a period when Sweden was using sterilization as a means to control the ‘mentally ill’  forcing the sterilization of 63,000 disabled, epileptic, and socially problematic individuals to gain their freedom to marry or leave mental institutions.

Of course the Christian Democrats and Swedish Democrats want to keep the sterilization mandate in place, because you know sexual ‘deviants’ are only and always born to ‘deviants’. (Yeah right.)The Swedish Democratic minister for children and the elderly Maria Larsson commented on the issue saying:“A sex-change means that you willingly subject yourself to treatment in order to change your gender, and if you do that it is also reasonable that you give up some gender-specific properties of your old sex.” Although Larsson’s comment does make me wonder why a person who feels they are physically the wrong sex would want to procreate as their former sex would, how could any nation decide it has the right to end one’s ability to procreate?


Source: The Local



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