Munich Announces Gay Holocaust Memorial

Munich, Germany has announced a project to build a new memorial to homosexuals killed by the Nazis. Munich’s gay bars were some of the first to be raided in Germany beginning on October 20, 1934, by the Third Reich in an effort to wipe out German gays. An estimated 50,000 gays were arrested by Nazi police and many were eventually put into concentration camps.

The memorial will be in the center of Munich in front of what was once “The Black Fisherman” or “Scwharzfischer” one of the 1930’s most popular gay bars in the city.  I recommend going to see it, Munich is awesome and we should remember the pink triangle and those who died for the freedoms we have obtained today.

Source: Pink News


Christian Group Complaints Get Australian Safe-Sex Ads Taken Down

An anti-gay Christian group has forced HIV prevention ads in bus shelters depicting gay couples embracing and holding an unopened condom to be taken down after objections to the ads’ “sexual” nature.

The ads were part of the “Rip and Roll” campaign initiated by the Queensland Association for Healthy Communities to encourage safe-sex. The Australian Christian Lobby, the group responsible for the ad campaign’s demise, said that the group objects to the sexual nature of the ad not the gay men. Yeah right, more like you’d rather see people get infected with HIV than healthy and gay.

Source: The Advocate

Moscow Refuses to Permit Pride and Arrests Demonstrators.

Moscow police have already arrested more than 30 people during attempts to hold an LGBT rights demonstration after the city denied permits for a pride parade once again.

As opponents tussled with gay rights activists and police eventually arrested 14 anti-gay and 18 pro-gay demonstrators including Dan Choi.

Although homosexuality was decriminalized in the Russian Federation back in 1993, authorities of individual cities have continued to ban gay rights events.  Police in Moscow pledged not to protect gay rights demonstrators against attacks by Neo-Nazis(yes, there are Neo-Nazi groups in Russia) after the event’s permit was denied.

Source: Buffalo News


Brazilian President Suspends LGBT Sex Education

Last March, President Obama went down to Brazil and met with Brazilian President Dilma Roussef. The two leaders issued a joint intention to develop a “Special Rapporteur” to help in “promoting respect for the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.” So it comes as a surprise that Rousseff has temporarily ended the production of public school sex education materials that include information on homosexuality.

Rousseff claims that the materials did not provide an “objective” perspective on homosexuality. Or could it be that Brazil’s population boasts being almost 75% Roman Catholic and that the pope doesn’t think gay is ok? I think so. The thing that has been scaring me with politicians in all countries recently is that politicians have no backbone, all they do is focus on being reelected not improving their country or the experiences of individual citizens. The ability to throw innocent people ‘under the bus’ is not a good quality for a politician to have.

Source: The Advocate ; MetroWeekly

Catholic Charities in Rockford, Illinois Ends Adoptions Over Civil Unions

Sad news for orphans in Rockford, Illinois, after Catholic Charities announced it will stop providing adoptions and foster care services in order to avoid complying with new civil union legislation going into effect June 1st.

Under the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Unions Act any agency receiving government funds is prohibited from discriminating against same-sex couples despite an agency’s contrary religious beliefs. The state’s legislature knocked down a proposed amendment allowing religious and conservative groups to be exempt from serving same-sex couples earlier this year.

For no other reason than to resist serving same-sex couples, Catholic Charities is willing to forego the estimated 350 foster family and adoption cases it handles each year and will also lose its state budget of $7.5 million. Not to mention the 58 employees are going to out of a job. So much for christian charity and a desire to help children, bigotry is priority number one!

Source: The Advocate

NYC Hospitals Developing Less Hetero-Normative Questions For Patients

Public hospitals in New York City are creating a training program designed to make hospital staff more sensitive to lesbian, gay, and transgender patients. The program will hopefully alleviate the LGBT community’s resistance to medical treatment at the hands of “unsympathetic practitioners”.

The Health and Hosptials Corporation has enlisted the help of the National LGBT Cancer Network to develop the program and neutral questions to be used by practitioners without a hetero-normative emphasis. I hope they institute this program across the state, my doctor always asks me if I have a girlfriend *sad face*.

Source: NY Times

Singapore Bans “The Kids Are Alright” as Porn

The Singaporean film censorship unit has categorized “The Kids Are Alright” as pornographic material.

The censorship unit says that the movie is pornographic because it encourages homosexuality and fails to treat it as deviant. Apparently, the unit follows former Justice Stewart’s, “I know pornography when I see it”.

Watch the movie, though, it is pretty good 🙂

Source: ILGA

Toronto Parents Commit to Raising a ‘Genderless’ Baby

A couple in Toronto has decided to raise their new child “genderless” in an effort to promote ‘its’ decision making abilities.

Kathy Witterick and David Stocker recently welcomed their third child, Storm, into the world, and decided not to tell any one, except for a select few, the sex of the baby.  Instead, the pair theorizes that children can make decisions for themselves from a very young age, including whether they want to live more like a ‘typical’ boy or girl.  The baby does have a clear and ascertainable sex. Storm has two older brothers who are homeschooled and often mistaken for girls as they frolic donning dresses and long hair.

Although it is nice to see parents actually encouraging their children to be independent instead of needy and sheltered, this child still has to live in a gendered society.  I think this plan of theirs will isolate their children from making friends. Of course, this is not the children’s fault and we shouldn’t restrict the child because of others’ bigotry, but shouldn’t parents consider the consequences of using your child as a social experiment? Doesn’t a child deserve to be taught how to maneuver reality?  The oldest son has decided he doesn’t want to go to school because people react poorly toward him, how long can he avoid it for?

Source: Parent Central

New York Times Creates ‘Coming Out’ Section

The New York Times created a section for ‘coming out’ stories, a way for lesbian and gay youth to share their stories in an attempt to abate suicides committed by fearful LGBT teenagers.

The New York Times devised the section in “an effort to better understand this generation’s realities and expectations, and to give teenagers their own voice in the conversation”. Currently, over 100 teenagers have been interviewed.

The section is pretty interesting, and something I wish I had to watch as a teenager. It is amazing to see how much different ‘coming out’ has become in such a short time.  Check out the page here.

Source: Advocate

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